Having Fun in Early Recovery

Having Fun In Recovery

Having fun in recovery is essential. Your sobriety and protecting it is of the utmost importance, which means you have to attend meetings and work with others on a daily basis. However, your progress in early recovery also rests on finding time to enjoy life. Make time to have fun with the people in your support network.

Many people in early recovery do not know that it’s possible to have a good time without using drugs and alcohol; this is especially true for young people in recovery. A twenty-year-old who can no longer drink or drug may think that life will be boring moving forward. Such feelings are understandable, but they are not valid.

Young people in recovery learn how to have exciting times together. They find activities that do not involve drugs and alcohol and learn how to enjoy their newfound freedom. After meetings, men and women across the country get together to engage in activities. They grab a coffee and discuss matters other than the Steps.

Going to a movie, seeing a play, or visiting amusement parks are common activities among individuals in sobriety. Those living on the coast may go surfing or take walks along the beach. People living in mountainous parts of the country go rock climbing or hiking to enjoy nature with their peers. There is a myriad of ways to have a good time without drugs and alcohol. Remember, achieving lasting recovery will depend on stimulation.

People in Recovery are Not Sticks in the Mud

In your first year, you may find it challenging to enjoy yourself for numerous reasons. Years of drug and alcohol use alter one’s ability to enjoy the same things as “normies.” It’s a condition that is known as anhedonia: an inability to feel pleasure. Don’t worry because such states of being will subside the longer you are in the program. Early recovery is a healing process; the mind needs to reorient itself back to homeostasis.

You may need to fake it until you make it with regards to having fun. When someone in your homegroup invites you to do something, do it even if you do not feel like it; you may surprise yourself and have fun. Even if you are not having a good time, try to pretend to; you have the ability to develop a positive outlook when engaged in something you do not prefer.

Rest assured, there will come a day when you look forward to partaking in activities with your peers. We highly suggest that you attend recovery conventions or campouts; they are an excellent way to learn how to have fun in recovery. Being around hundreds or thousands of others in recovery is a remarkable experience and sure to bring enjoyment.

When you attend meetings, ask your peers how they have fun when they are not working or doing Step work. You will get responses that can guide you towards exciting activities. Learning how to have a blast without mind-altering substances will significantly strengthen your program. It will also help you achieve your goals in recovery.

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