Addiction Program Options

Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat offers the full continuum of care, including medical detoxification, residential chemical dependency treatment, and outpatient programs. Contact us for your individualized treatment plan.

Hospital-Level Care in a Homelike Setting

At Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat, we meet clients where they are. By providing all levels of care, we are able to tailor each person’s treatment experience to their specific needs.

What separates HVRC from other programs is our focus on clinical excellence and medical supervision. Each of our programs is overseen by a team of medical professionals. Because of our integration with a working hospital, HVRC provides medical detoxification and clinically sophisticated treatment completely in-house.

Furthermore, our location is the best of both worlds; while it has all the benefits of a hospital, we have also created a welcoming, relaxed setting in which to heal. This enables patients to receive top-notch medical care while comfortable and fully “at home.”

Levels of Care

Chemical dependency does not develop overnight, as such, treatment requires several steps. HVRC’s programs span the full continuum of care. This means that each patient receives the amount of supervision and support that is required at their stage of recovery, As they progress through each phase and become more independent, the programming is tailored to reflect their new concerns and needs.

For example, while someone in detox should focus exclusively on getting well, those who have moved on to an outpatient program can benefit from life skills training and career planning.

Below are the levels of care offered by Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat.

Medical Detoxification

While some rehabilitation centers will send residents off-campus to detox, HVRC provides medically supervised detox through our team of addiction professionals. Medical detox enables doctors and nursing staff to alleviate withdrawal symptoms for those addicted to alcohol, heroin, opioids, or benzodiazepines. Through round-the-clock care and drug-specific detox protocols, our patients achieve a safe and comfortable treatment outcome before moving on to the next phase of treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

HVRC treats chemical dependency in all forms. While this disorder is both chronic and progressive, with proper care, it can be successfully resolved. Our holistic approach combines the efforts of physicians, nursing staff, certified counselors, therapists, dietitians, and physical therapists to ensure complete healing. Treatment includes individual and group therapy, 12-Step meetings, fitness and recreation, and relapse prevention programming.

Long-Term Residential Treatment

Sage Retreat, our residential treatment program, offers men and women who have completed detoxification the chance to address the deeper issues underlying their addictive behaviors. In this tranquil, restorative environment, patients have access to daily 12-Step work, holistic treatment, and extensive therapies. Stays from 30 to 120 days offer a unique and invigorating pathway to personal freedom.

Chronic Pain Program

The opioid epidemic has highlighted the importance of effective pain management. Each year, more than 75 million Americans experience chronic pain – a sizable percentage of these people will develop an addiction to prescription painkillers. Hemet Valley Recovery Center’s Chronic Pain and Addiction Treatment Program is designed to fill a gap in patient care. Through this process, patients receive traditional chemical dependency treatment which is supplemented by additional targeted therapies for alternative pain management. These techniques are introduced under the direction of our medical doctors, empowering patients to break free of addiction and chronic pain.

Young Adult Program

The Young Adult Program at HVRC focuses on the needs and sensitivities of the emerging adult. Teens face unique risks and pressures; at Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat, our skilled multidisciplinary team tailors chemical dependency education to the young adult. Through programming about self-esteem, communication, relationships, and spiritual growth, our patients are able to find a new appreciation for life.

Older Adult Program

Research suggests that adults over the age of 55 benefit from a treatment program that addresses concerns about aging, loss, loneliness, and social support. Our Older Adult Program allows patients to connect with peers over age-specific curriculum. Additionally, HVRC’s status as an addiction hospital means that those with health concerns can receive medical care and other supportive services during their stay.

Family Program

Our Family Program assists loved ones in understanding the disease of chemical dependency. Because addiction thrives in secrecy, our program also provides an outlet to discuss one’s experience and hear what others have been through. Our therapists equip family members to express themselves effectively and set boundaries with their addicted loved one. Families report feeling informed and connected after participating in one of our programs.

First Responders

Our Heroes Program is designed for first responders – firefighters, members of law enforcement, EMTs, military personnel, and all of the other people who work to keep us safe. Unfortunately, individuals in these careers are at a higher risk of trauma and chemical dependency. In a monitored and supportive residential setting, we use a variety of therapies to help our heroes learn new coping skills and break the cycle of addiction.

Family of Active-Duty Military

Soldiers and military families experience a higher rate of substance abuse than the general population. HVRC has designed therapeutic interventions which are customized to the needs of military families. Our chemical dependency specialists provide comprehensive detoxification, addiction rehabilitation, and aftercare to active-duty and reserve service members and their loved ones.

Outpatient Treatment

After a residential program, many individuals benefit from outpatient programming. This approach enables them to continue receiving clinical support while transitioning back to life at home. Our flexible outpatient programs work with each patient’s schedule and may include 12-Step meetings, individual therapy, and process groups.

The Benefits of HVRC

Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat is unlike any other treatment facility.

Our Building – Our medical setting, combined with our ability to treat co-occurring illnesses, sets us apart from standard residential centers. Patients feel secure while recovering in a homey environment staffed by licensed medical professionals.

Specialty Programs – Not only do we accept clients from all over the nation, but we have designed programs tailored to the needs of specific demographics. HVRC accepts patients from all age groups and ensures that they receive care that speaks to their needs.

Covered by Insurance – Our administration has worked to partner with twenty insurers, ensuring that we can treat as many people as possible. Even if you don’t see your provider listed on our insurance page, we can work directly with them to maximize your benefits. We are also one of the few centers that has developed a relationship with both Medicare and TRICARE West.

Phenomenal Staff – Our staff is second to none. HVRC’s compassionate team members have personal and professional knowledge of addiction; through their extensive experience, they have developed a thorough understanding of recovery.

Which Addiction Program is Right for Me?

Qualified treatment providers can help you to determine which of our levels of care is the right fit for you. Call our clinicians today for a fully confidential consultation and discuss your options.

Hemet Valley Recovery Center remains open and accepting patients, we will continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Click here for more information or call 866-273-0868.