Drug specific detox protocols are utilized in our California medical detox to achieve a safe and comfortable treatment outcome. Drug and alcohol detox services are provided by a multidisciplinary team to provide treatment based upon individual needs.

Who Needs Medically Supervised Detox?

Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease, meaning that the longer a person uses substances, the more challenging it is to stop. Ongoing drug or alcohol use can create a chemical dependency: a mental and physical reliance on drinking or drugs. This dependence may result in severe withdrawal symptoms which require medical management.

If a person is reliant on specific substances, their withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. Alcohol, prescription opioids, heroin, and benzodiazepine withdrawal may result in nausea, shaking, irregular heartbeat, insomnia, severe depression, hallucinations, and even seizures. Individuals looking for recovery from these substances are candidates for medically supervised detox.

Medical Detox in Hemet, California

Medically supervised detoxification enables doctors and nursing staff to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal for people addicted to heroin, opioids, alcohol, or benzodiazepines. As part of the Hemet Valley Medical Center, we provide 24/7 care in a highly equipped medical facility. Detox is an incredibly physical and emotional process. We are proud to provide the highest quality of treatment and support to those who are pursuing a life of sobriety.

Premier Medical Detoxification Services

Hemet Valley Recovery Center is widely known for providing the best in acute medical detoxification services. Our doctors are recognized specialists in addiction medicine, both being certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Aung Thu MD, ASAM is board certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine, and John Harsany MD, FASAM is a board certified internist and addictionist.

Diagnostic testing, a medical history, and a physical are utilized to establish base line health status upon admission to our California addiction hospital and detox center.

Being part of the Hemet Valley Medical Center campus ensures access to hospital-level support services if indicated during detoxification. This provides patients and their families with extra peace of mind. Registered nurses are staffed on all three shifts, and staffing levels are commensurate with other acute care services.

Our chemical dependency program is offered concurrently while patients are in our California medical detox. Group participation is encouraged, but not mandatory. Our staff will assist you in the transition from medical detoxification to one of our other addiction treatment center programs.

Inpatient medical detoxification and most services at our residential addiction hospital are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans if deemed medically necessary.

Hemet Valley Recovery Center remains open and accepting patients, we will continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Click here for more information or call 866-273-0868.