Meet the Team

The Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat team is a group of hardworking individuals and nationally recognized experts who have fully dedicated themselves to the treatment of chemical dependency.

Steven Collier, RN
Executive Director / Co Founder

Manikanda Raja, MD, ASAM
Diplomate of American Board of Internal Medicine,
Medical Director

Elizabeth Ann Clark, JD
Chief Financial & Legal Officer

Patricia Bellard
Director of Business Services

Esther Montez, CADC-II, ICADC
Director of Business Development

Kristal Marsala
Human Resources Coordinator

Crystal Diaz, RN
Clinical Nurse Manager

Benjamin Wahl, CADC-II, ASW
Program Manager

Family Services Coordinator

Christina Wood, MS, LMFT, LAADC-CA
Licensed Clinical Therapist

Ryan Irwin
Transportation & Environmental Manager

Bill Ferro, CADC-II
Counseling Coordinator
Case Manager

Jack Mount, CADC II
Counselor/Case Manager

Dolly Baxter, CADC-II WTS
Counselor/Case Manager

Brandy George, CADC-II
Counselor/Case Manager

Shaun Dial, CADC-II
Counselor/Case Manager

Jace Stewart, LVN II
Manager of Admissions and Assessment

Teresa Walker
Intake Admin. Assistant

Rebecca Komer-Bright, Lac

Sherry Burditt, RN, HN-BC
Holistic Clinical Specialist

Colleen Ackerman
Yoga Instructor

We would especially like to thank our dedicated nursing staff here at Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat. It is because of these unique and compassionate individuals we are able to provide such exceptional patient care in our California addiction hospital. Thank you for everything that you do!

For further information on our California drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, please call our Admissions & Assessment Department at: