At Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat we understand and acknowledge that the whole family is affected by the disease of addiction. That’s why we offer comprehensive family education and recovery programming.

Addiction is a Family Disease

Chronic alcoholism or drug addiction will become the central, organizing theme in a family.

No one can grow up in an alcoholic or drug dependent family – or live in one – without it changing them. The alcoholic or addict is impaired and contributes to the impairment of his or her family members. For this reason, addiction is commonly referred to as a family disease. In addition to affecting the addict, it also impacts their loved ones. Fortunately, there is a path to healing for everyone involved.

Since the 1970s, chemical dependency treatment research has indicated that family involvement can significantly improve the patient’s chances of recovery. It also increases family cohesion and individual functioning. That’s why HVRC has developed a comprehensive program for the family members of our residents.

Family Addiction Treatment Program

In order to address addiction as a family disease, we recommend that as many family members as possible participate in our Three Day Intensive Family Week or our Weekly Family Groups.

Both of these groups address family members’ feelings of confusion, anger, guilt and stress. They also capitalize on the love and caring that they have for their loved one. During these meetings, participants have an opportunity to listen to others’ experiences, while also finally being able to share their own. This process allows families to develop a bond with each other and move away from feelings of isolation and helplessness.

During these events, family members are also able to examine their own feelings and behaviors. They will identify which ones are non-sustainable and unhealthy (for both themselves and their chemically dependent loved ones). Through the group process, family members explore ways to change these behaviors, and in doing so, to empower their addict to become truly responsible for themselves.

The result is a happier, more educated, balanced family with a new understanding of themselves and new hope for the future.

Help for the Whole Family

The Family Program at Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat is designed to educate family members about the disease of chemical dependency. By participating, they will learn to recognize the disease and its effects. Just as the reality of the alcoholic becomes distorted through denial and rationalization, families also suffer from denial or lack of insight.

The Family Program at Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat is offered in an intensive three day program. For local families or those who work during the day, a concurrent family program is available on Thursday evenings.

During the program…

Lectures and group exercises help participants to gain understanding and acceptance of chemical dependency as a family illness.

New coping skills and tools are given and practiced which will unravel the reactive, controlling, and enabling behaviors which unwittingly help to maintain the disease.

The family begins to create an opening for recovery and healing by breaking the unspoken rules of the alcoholic family: “don’t talk,” “don’t trust,” “don’t feel.”

The family program at Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat addresses the needs of the family so that everyone can recover.

Contact Us to Learn More

For more information about the Family Program at Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat, please contact:

Admissions & Assessment Department

Family Therapist
Lisa Galvan, MS, LAADC-ICAADC: 951-791-4290