Young Adult Addiction Treatment

Young adults require a specific approach to breaking the cycle of addiction. At HVRC, we offer programming tailored to the needs of young people in Southern California.

Young Adult Addiction Treatment Program

The Young Adult program at Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat focuses on the particular needs and sensitivities of the emerging adult.

Teen Substance Abuse

The use of alcohol and drugs during the developmental years can inhibit the necessary skills and abilities necessary to manage emotions, communicate thoughts and feelings, and problem-solve effectively. Continued use can ultimately frustrate efforts to build healthy relationships and develop realistic goals for a productive future by a related cycle of poor choices, impulsivity, and destructive behaviors.

When substance use habitually becomes an option to detach from feelings, responsibilities, and other stressors, a pattern of negative consequences becomes the process by which the young adult develops increasingly poor self-esteem and gravitates to negative environments and peer groups. The repeated cycle of substance use and negative consequences can lead to impulsive, angry, acting-out behaviors, and the cycling in and out of dangerous relapse episodes. Repeated use and negative consequences can discourage the young adult from taking the necessary steps to transition into a safe and productive adulthood.

Individualized Care for Young Adults

At Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat, a skilled and compassionate multidisciplinary team evaluates and tailors chemical dependency education with process and experiential groups to address issues of self-esteem, relationships, communication, career, and spiritual growth. A comprehensive medical evaluation, social history and psychological screening assist the team in the formulation of a comprehensive treatment plan, individualized for each young adult.

To encourage interest and participation, innovative age-appropriate experiential approaches are utilized to enhance the therapeutic experience for the young adult. Through the 12-step process, caring and firm guidance, young adults develop knowledge about their disease, learn healthy coping skills, and realize a new appreciation for life.

Family Program

A bi-monthly Family Program is offered to assist family members to better understand issues of chemical dependency, as well as their own responses to the effects of addiction within the family. The therapeutic process encourages freedom of expression for each family member, and provides the education to develop effective communication skills and personal boundaries.

What’s Included

At HVRC, our Young Adult program is designed to benefit people between the ages of 18 and 25. The curriculum focuses on concerns unique to those within this demographic. Through a multidisciplinary approach, your loved one will participate in…

  • Individual therapy
  • Education about chemical dependency
  • Life skills training in self-esteem, communication, and career planning
  • Group therapy (process groups)
  • 12-Step programming
  • The development of healthy coping mechanisms
  • Holistic therapies (meditation, yoga, and fitness)
  • Family education and therapy