alcohol and menopause
February 22, 2024

Alcohol and Menopause

Menopause causes dramatic physical and emotional changes, including hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and unpredictable mood swings. Some pre- and post-menopausal women may find themselves turning to alcohol for relief, unaware of the potential risks of this coping mechanism. Alcohol and Menopause Symptoms Approximately 75% of women experience hot flashes and...

what are nitazenes
February 15, 2024

What Are Nitazenes?

A new class of lab-made opioids known as nitazenes has recently emerged, complicating the already dire overdose crisis gripping the U.S. and North America. Nitazenes, which can reportedly be more potent than fentanyl, are a growing concern for public health and law enforcement officials. Let’s explore what nitazenes are,...

how long does drug rehab take
February 8, 2024

How Long Is Drug Rehab?

Many people considering addiction treatment want to know how long the process takes. The question underscores the urgency and desperation many feel about starting recovery. Traditionally, the answer has been a 30-day program – a one-size-fits-all solution that may not necessarily align with everyone’s needs and experiences. Experts from...

marijuana and psychosis
February 1, 2024

Cannabis-Induced Psychosis

Since more than half of U.S. states have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, many people view it as a safe and beneficial substance. Unfortunately, the higher-potency strains available today have complicated the issue by adding the risk of cannabis-induced psychosis. Weed Psychosis – A Growing Concern Recent studies have...

art therapy
January 24, 2024

The Role of Art Therapy in Healing Trauma

If you’re recovering from a traumatic experience, art therapy can be an invaluable form of self-discovery. For many, the act of creating something is a therapeutic tool that offers profound benefits. How can art therapy be a crucial part of your healing process? Understanding Art Therapy Artistically expressing yourself can have...

polysubstance abuse group therapy
January 17, 2024

Polysubstance Abuse

Polysubstance abuse is a complex condition where people simultaneously become addicted to more than one drug. This condition heightens the risk of overdose and complicates the healing process, necessitating specialized treatment approaches in a safe, medically accredited setting. What Is Polysubstance Abuse? While we often associate addiction with a single substance,...

mental wellness
January 11, 2024

Mental Health Activities

January is Mental Wellness Month, a poignant reminder of the importance of mental health in our daily lives. In a world where mental illnesses like anxiety and depression are on the rise, taking proactive steps to maintain and improve holistic wellness is more crucial than ever. Let’s explore why...