Adult Rehab Program

Sage Recovery Center provides a tranquil, restorative environment for patients to heal. HVRC is proud to deliver age-specific care to adults in our residential rehab program. Services include holistic treatment, daily 12-Step work, and participation in group, individual, and family therapies.

Abstaining from drugs and alcohol is only half the battle. To achieve a life of lasting sobriety, you must learn healthy coping mechanisms, hone your decision-making skills, and develop adaptive responses to life’s challenges. Participating in a residential program equips you to address the issues that led you to addiction in the first place, while laying the groundwork for a brighter future. HVRC provides treatment designed to meet the needs of adults.

Residential Rehab for Adults

At HVRC, we understand that every age group deals with unique concerns. Adults between the ages of 26 and 54 tend to struggle with the toll addiction takes on their career paths, relationships, and children. Our adult residential rehab program helps members of this demographic to confront the root causes of their addiction and heal the entire family unit. We accomplish this through programming specifically tailored to the needs of adult patients.

Our treatment approach is ideal for:

  • High-achieving professionals with demanding occupations
  • Married parents, single parents, and homemakers
  • Caregivers of elderly parents
  • Those struggling with mental illness (lifelong or acute)
  • Adults with chronic pain
  • People coping with grief and loss
  • Those who have experienced trauma

No matter what catalyzed your addiction, HVRC offers comprehensive programming to help you find lasting recovery.

What to Expect at Sage Retreat

Sage Retreat, Hemet Valley Recovery Center’s Residential Treatment Program, offers men and women who have completed the acute detoxification phase of treatment the opportunity to enter a less structured setting with a greater focus on the issues underlying their addictive behaviors and lifestyle.

In the tranquil environment of Sage Retreat, patients are energized to continue their journey of self-discovery through daily 12-step work and participation in group, individual, and family therapies. Special emphasis is given to a holistic focus on the mind-body connection through advanced instruction in meditation, yoga, and other healing arts.

Our Evidence-Based Practices

Sage Retreat is a clinical environment tailored to the needs of adults in early recovery. Guided by our scientifically backed approach, residents receive:

  • Individual therapy (cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and more)
  • Education about addiction and recovery
  • Process groups and group therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Treatment for chronic pain
  • 12-Step education and meetings
  • Family involvement and education
  • Therapy for co-occurring mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Trauma-informed treatment
  • Training covering crucial life skills and healthy coping mechanisms

Stays from 30 to 120 days offer patients an intense, invigorating, and inspiring pathway to personal freedom.

The Inland Empire’s Premier Residential Rehab

Our California addiction treatment center helps adults recover from substance use disorder, chronic pain, and mental illness. Those admitted to this specialized program participate in age-specific therapy groups where they receive treatment and support alongside their peers. By creating a calming, non-judgmental environment, the experts at HVRC have laid the groundwork for lifelong change.

We also offer treatment tracks for young adults (18 to 25) and older adults (55+).

To learn more about our approach, contact HVRC today.