Adult Rehab Program

Sage Recovery Center offers a tranquil, restorative environment for patients to heal. Special emphasis is given to holistic treatment, daily 12-Step work, and participation in group, individual, and family therapies.

Who Needs Residential Treatment?

Ridding one’s body of drugs and alcohol is only half the battle. In order to achieve a life of lasting sobriety, it is important to learn healthy coping mechanisms, hone one’s decision making skills, and develop adaptive responses to life’s challenges. In a residential program, people are able to address the issues that led them to addiction in the first place, while laying groundwork for the future.

Sage Retreat Residential Program

Sage Recovery Center, Hemet Valley Recovery Center’s Residential Treatment Program, offers men and women who have completed the acute detoxification phase of treatment the opportunity to enter a less structured setting with greater focus on the issues underlying their addictive behaviors and lifestyle.

In the tranquil environment of Sage Recovery Center, patients are energized to continue their journey of self-discovery through daily 12-step work and participation in group, individual and family therapies. Special emphasis is given to a holistic focus on the body, mind, spirit connection through advanced instruction in meditation, yoga, and other healing arts.

Patients residing at Sage Recovery Center also have the opportunity to participate in spiritual retreats and workshops in the historical mountain community of Idyllwild, as well as ride the famous Palm Springs aerial tramway overlooking the San Jacinto Mountains. The beauty and serenity of these powerful experiences allow for greater understanding and insight into the wisdom nature of our “higher selves.”

Stays from 30 to 120 days offer patients an intense, yet invigorating and inspiring pathway to personal freedom.

Services Included

At Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat, our programs are multiphasic. This means that each person begins their stay with medically supervised detoxification. Then, they may join the population of our residential treatment program.

Sage Retreat is a clinical environment tailored to the needs of people in early recovery. Guided by our evidence-based approach, residents will participate in…

  • Individual therapy (cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, etc.),
  • Group therapy (progress groups and 12-Step meetings),
  • Family therapy (educational sessions to work through addiction and family tensions), and
  • Experiential and holistic therapies (meditation, yoga, fitness, outdoor excursions).

Residential treatment may last from one to three months, depending on an individual’s need.