ASAM Level 4 Facility

Under ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) Criteria, Level 4 treatment means medically managed intensive inpatient services: the most thorough and comprehensive treatment available, and a level that, as a hospital-based addiction treatment facility, HVRC is pleased to make available to our patients.

Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient Services

Our recovery center is staffed by licensed addiction medicine specialists and backed up by Hemet Valley Medical’s hospital facilities, ready for any emergency. In accordance with ASAM Level 4 facility criteria, patients are guaranteed:

  • 24/7 supervision and monitoring by registered nurses
  • Daily visits from a licensed MD
  • Treatment for any co-occurring physical or mental health disorders
  • Special attention to other medical needs
  • Access to counseling for a minimum of 16 hours each day

Offering ASAM Level 4 Detox

Every addiction disorder requires professional treatment, and if someone suffers severe physical withdrawal symptoms, licensed medical care can mean the difference between life and death.

Level 4 detox may be required if:

  • A patient has been addicted for a long time and is taking heavier-than-average regular doses of a drug
  • A patient is addicted to any drug (such as alcohol or benzodiazepines) associated with the potential for truly life-threatening withdrawal symptoms
  • A patient is delusional or has made suicide threats
  • A patient is over 65 and/or has a comorbid health condition such as heart disease, diabetes, or asthma

Help at Any Level

It’s important to understand that “highest-level” treatment is not exclusively for those who have “hit bottom” in their addiction and lives: a person can be working full-time, functioning in most aspects of life, and still have a serious addiction disorder. Truly effective treatment includes professional evaluation and an individually customized plan, not only for physical detox, but for living a long-term drug-free, effective life.

Hemet Valley Recovery Center can help anyone with an addiction disorder, regardless of concerns or personal circumstances. As an ASAM Level 4 facility, we are equipped to handle the most complex clinical and medical cases. Contact us today to get started on the path to recovery!

Treatment That's Accessible to All

Hospital-based addiction treatment combines effective, evidence-based recovery programming with hospital services and support staff, making it a highly sought-after form of addiction treatment. We’re confident in the programs we’ve established because they’ve helped hundreds of people go on to live successful, fulfilling lives in recovery.

We never want insurance or financial difficulties to prevent someone from receiving treatment that could save their life because our programs work. That’s why we accept TRICAREMedicare and most other insurance plans.

To learn more about our hospital-based addiction recovery services or to verify your insurance benefits, contact us at 866-273-0868.