first week of sobriety
April 27, 2022

1 Week Sober: What to Expect

If you have a drinking or drug problem, admitting that truth to yourself and others is the first step in changing your life for the better. The next is deciding to quit. However, achieving and maintaining sustained sobriety is a challenge you shouldn’t face alone, especially in the earliest...

alcohol abuse statistics
April 22, 2022

Alcohol Abuse Statistics

To many people, alcohol is just another beverage. Fewer than 15 percent of the U.S. population are complete teetotalers, and many “social drinkers” suffer no significant ill effects. However, this is just one of many alcohol abuse statistics that paint a full picture of America's drinking problem. The reality...

National Prescription Medication Take Back Day
April 8, 2022

California Drug Take Back Programs

Do you have medications in your cabinet that were prescribed ages ago, but for some reason never used up? These are a potential tragedy waiting to happen. The Dangers of Unused Prescription Drugs Since 1979, all drugs have been labeled with expiration dates. After a medication passes that date, its chemical...

NyQuil and Anxiety
March 19, 2022

NyQuil and Anxiety

Sleep Awareness Week (March 13–19 in 2022) is always scheduled by the National Sleep Foundation to coincide with the first week of Daylight Saving Time—not least because, according to medical experts, that annual lost hour of sleep contributes to a surprising number of health and social problems. For some...

insomnia causes
March 11, 2022

What Causes Insomnia?

One of the most frustrating feelings is lying in bed and not being able to fall asleep. You have tried all the tricks, from counting sheep to sound machines, but nothing seems to work. But what is it that actually causes insomnia? Let’s take a look at some potential...