Safe Sober Halloween in Recovery


The holiday season is fast approaching; Halloween is just around the corner and Thanksgiving in November. During this time, it is helpful for people in recovery to begin planning how they will navigate each holiday. While Halloween may not be as synonymous with drinking as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, the upcoming holiday is known for an abundance of parties.

Many people in recovery may remember attending Halloween bashes. Memories of dressing up and partying with friends might bring fond thoughts for some, despite the damage that alcohol has caused in their lives. Now in sobriety, men and women must avoid the desire to attend gatherings that involve copious amounts of drinking. Individuals in early recovery should not even consider attending such events.

Relapse is always a risk factor for men and women in recovery. People must batten down the hatches of their program to ensure they can avoid risky situations. This could mean doubling down on daily meetings during the holiday season or calling one’s sponsor or recovery mentor more often than usual.

Fortunately, even though attending parties that involve alcohol are mostly out of the question, you don’t have to lock yourself indoors during Halloween. There are plenty of ways you can have fun and stay sober during All Hallows’ Eve.

Leaning On Your Support Network During Halloween

If you attend recovery meetings regularly, then you have probably heard people in your homegroup talking about the upcoming holiday. It’s highly likely that one of your peers is hosting a sober Halloween party on Thursday, October 31, 2019. Now is an excellent time to talk with your friends in recovery about attending such an event.

If nobody is planning a sober costume party, then it is not too late for you and your peers to organize one. You can have a lot of fun and get to know your friends in recovery better during the experience.

One of the keys to staying clean and sober during any holiday is staying busy and sticking to your routine, as best as possible. Attend the meetings you usually go to, tend to your commitments, and then have a fun time with your friends in recovery.

Many people in early recovery think that their days of having a good time are behind them. It’s natural to feel that way, but it’s not accurate. In fact, without drugs and alcohol in your system, it’s possible to have authentic experiences that you will remember the next day and cherish in the years to follow.

Recovery has a lot to do with establishing new traditions, seasonal activities and events that do not revolve around one’s addiction. Those who make the most of the holidays while they are sober will be thankful for it in multiple ways. Learning that a life without drugs and alcohol, is not a life that is tantamount to being a stick in the mud is a beautiful realization.

So, this coming Halloween, please make the most of enjoying the company of your recovery peers and have a good time. Holidays are not easy; they are a test of the strength of your program. Waking up in the morning, knowing that you got through a major holiday without drugs and alcohol, is a remarkable accomplishment and should be a source of pride.

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