COA Awareness Week: Helping Children Heal

COA Awareness Week

The impact that addiction has on the family is immeasurable. Those who contend with alcohol and substance use disorder put enormous stress on their loved ones. In the field of addiction medicine, experts refer to alcoholism and chemical dependency as family diseases. They do this for two primary reasons 1) the genetic links of the disease and 2) the trauma that individuals inflict on their loved ones requires recovery support services.

It is fair to say that the demographic that feels the effects of a loved one’s addiction most is the children. Young people growing up in a household with one or more parent in the grips of mental illness face enormous obstacles. Without intervention, there is a high likelihood of a child experiencing developmental issues. The children of alcoholics and addicts require support, lest the end up walking down similar destructive paths later in life.

Parental alcohol and substance use take an enormous toll on young people. Boys and girls living with parents who battle substance use are the most vulnerable to developing an addiction later in life. When you consider that one in four children resides in a family impacted by use disorder, it easy to see the need for support is high.

COA Awareness Week

National Association for Children of Addiction (NACoA) is an organization that advocates for children and families adversely impacted by alcohol or drug use in the family. For over 35 years, NACoA has envisioned a world that fully supports the children of alcoholics and addicts. At no other time in history has the need been more significant; the insidious opioid epidemic has left many young people especially vulnerable. The staggering overdose death rate has left thousands of children without mothers or fathers.

February 10 – 16, 2019, is COA Awareness Week. The annual observance aims to “break the painful silence and offer hope to the vulnerable kids and teens impacted by parental addiction.” Throughout the week, people in recovery and beyond are compelled to spread the message that:

With the right support, children can begin to heal. With appropriate services, children can learn how to live without shame. With hope, resilience is possible. 

NACoA encourages Americans to spread messages of hope for at-risk children. We can all have a role in supporting young people who are affected by addiction. The organization asks that we take to social media; disseminating posts like:

#COAAwarenessWeek2019 is coming! Join us February 10-16 and raise awareness about children of addiction and join us in #CelebratingHopeAndHealingForALifetime! Learn more at #COAWeek2019 #VoicefortheChildren


Together let’s bring hope and healing to children living with parental addiction! #CelebratingHopeAndHealingForALifetime #COAWeek2019 #CaringAdult #Teachers #SchoolPsychologists #Pediatricians #YouthMinisters #DrugCourt Learn more at

Since addiction is a family disease, loved one must recover too. At Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat, we encourage our clients’ family members to participate in either our Three Day Intensive Family Week or our Weekly Family Groups. Our lectures and groups address the needs of the family so that everyone can recover.

HVRC Family Program

If your loved one requires addiction treatment, we invite you to contact HVRC to learn more about our approach to bringing about lasting changes. You can also find more information about the Family Program at Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat by reaching out to our Admissions & Assessment Department. 951-765-4903 or 1-866-273-0868.