end stage alcoholism
September 8, 2021

Life Expectancy of an Alcoholic

Like many other diseases, alcohol use disorder is progressive. An individual with an addiction to alcohol will move through the stages of the disease as they continue to drink and drink larger quantities. The last stage is end stage alcoholism, which can severely shorten the life expectancy of an...

is depression a disease
June 18, 2021

Is Depression a Disease?

Most people will feel sad at some point in their lives. If that sadness continues for an extended period of time and is accompanied by other symptoms such as a feeling of hopelessness, it could be depression. Is depression a disease? What are its symptoms? How can someone find...

November 5, 2020

In Search of Me

We do not have to live our lives based upon someone else’s story. We all have the power to rediscover, reflect and repair to create our own lives of recovery.Many addicts and alcoholics have experienced a sense of loss of self from a very young age....