Addiction Recovery In College

addiction recovery

The summer is quickly coming to a close. Which means that a number of young adults in recovery are preparing to head back to college. If you are among such people, we commend you for furthering your education whilst working a program of addiction recovery. It is not an easy task and should never be discounted. Staying clean and sober under average circumstances can be a real challenge. Addiction is always jumping at the bit for you to slip up, thus inviting the disease back into your life.

The disease of addiction thrives best when individuals are stressed out or overworked. Two things that go hand in hand with modern college class loads. In the ever-modernizing world, students must go far above and beyond to get ahead in this world. Demanding that students take difficult classes and participate in extracurricular activities. Given that young people in recovery have a most important mission outside of school, already, it can be hard to juggle all that is expected of young collegians today.

However, it is possible to navigate the rigors of college life and not fall back into the cycle of addiction. If you have completed an addiction treatment program, have a sponsor and go to meetings several days a week—you have already acquired many of the necessary coping skills for dealing with stress in recovery. So, when you head off to school, if you can utilize what you have learned, you should be able to get through the semester without incident.


Protecting Addiction Recovery In College

Many young people in recovery attend college outside of their home town, or the area they first got clean and sober. Which means that you will be away from you inner-recovery support circle and sponsor. If that is the case for you, it is absolutely paramount that you get plugged into a recovery community where you go to school. Many students in recovery actually get a second sponsor to work with while they are away. An extra line of defense to protect one’s sobriety.

It is vital that you develop connections with other young people in recovery who are attending the same college as you. People who you can both socialize with in your down time, and turn to when you are having a hard time. A number of colleges even offer sober housing services, which can be super beneficial. When you are living with other people who share your common goal, who are also navigating the stress of college, you will not feel like you are alone. The power of recovery depends on fellowship.

It practically goes without saying that being unable to connect with a recovery community when away at school can be disastrous. It could precipitate spending time with people who are partying or using. In turn, leading to a relapse. Making recovery one’s first priority will help prevent such an occurrence. Please keep in mind that without your recovery, the likelihood of being successful in college is quite slim.


Taking A Semester Off

Some of you reading this may still be in the throes of active addiction, but are still plan to go back to school. Or are heading into your freshman year. If that is the case, you may want to consider holding off on college until after treatment and getting established in a program of recovery. Doing so will not only protect you from the dangers of active addiction, it will help you achieve your maximum potential when working towards your future.

Our young adult addiction treatment program is specifically designed to meet the various needs of young people. Please contact Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat today, being the first step in the lifesaving journey of addiction recovery.