Spirit of Recovery Award 2018

Spirit of Recovery
Steve Collier, Co-Founder of HVRC, with Dr. Stephen Ey (center)
and previous “Spirit of Recovery” honorees.

Over the decades, people from various backgrounds have dedicated their lives to others to transform their own; each person in recovery owes such individuals a debt of gratitude. Without the countless medical professionals and behavioral technicians working tirelessly to help others heal from mental illness, it’s unlikely that millions of men and women would be in recovery today.

However, it is not just those working in the field of addiction medicine; there also exist many men and women, not working in this area of expertise, who help others day-after-day in their quest for serenity. Every week, persons with significant sobriety time pay forward the gift bestowed upon them gratis to people in early recovery. Such people contribute to the maintenance-side of recovery, while addiction medicine professionals hold up the treatment-side.

In the recovery centers adhering to evidence-based modalities of treatment, one is likely to find M.D.s, Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC), Chemical Dependency Counselors (CADC), Registered Nurses (RN), and so forth. These professionals have an acute and specialized understanding of the nature of addiction and recovery. As so, they can utilize therapeutic tools to help facilitate long-term recovery in people willing to embrace a new way of living.

Working in this tremendously vital field is more than just a job, it is also an exercise in compassion in the face of enormous odds. Struggling with mental disease is not a prerequisite for understanding that recovery is a matter of life and death. The entire nation has come to realize that not everyone makes it to the other side of addiction. Moreover, one thing addiction professionals discover early in their careers is that there are no guarantees. Even with treatment, long-term sobriety is not a shoo-in; but, with guidance, each person can make the lasting changes needed for long-term progress. Successful outcomes depend on what comes after rehab, and whether a person has a strong foundation to build upon.

Spirit of Recovery

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The doctors and therapists who help individuals establish a footprint for recovery, help people to have the best chance at managing mental illness without relying on drugs and alcohol. In modern times, we can look back on a long list of addiction recovery pioneers who laid the groundwork for useful treatment models. Dr. Joseph L. Galletta, for instance, is one example of a vanguard in the field; he was one of the first physicians certified in, what was then, the new field of Addiction Medicine. While Galletta is no longer alive, his contribution lives on, and his excellent work continues to inspire those currently working to enrich the lives of others.

Each year, Hemet Valley Recovery Center has the honor of recognizing individuals who dedicate themselves to foster change in people who struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder. The Joseph L. Galletta, “Spirit of Recovery” Award is given to leaders in the field of recovery. This year we had the privilege of acknowledging the good works of Dr. Stephen Ey, M.D. (featured in the photo on the right). The 2018 nominee is a physician whose entire career has been in service to helping others find the healing light of recovery.

Dr. Ey is a former director of the California Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM). He was certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine in 1996; and, he became a Distinguished Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine in 2003. We invite you to read is full bio here. If you have an interest in putting forward a name for consideration the 2019 “Spirit of Recovery” Award, please click here.

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