Spirit of Recovery 2019: Pat Kelly

Spirit of Recovery
Previous “Spirit  of Recovery” award recipients celebrate with
2019 honoree Pat Kelly (center)

The field of addiction medicine and recovery is of vital importance, perhaps now more than ever. Millions of people struggle with the disease of addiction, and men and women who seek assistance find numerous individuals who are committed to helping them get on the road to recovery.

Each year at Hemet Valley Recovery Center (HVRC), we honor the men and women whose service to others is invaluable. From medical professionals to those who pay forward the gift of recovery to newcomers, many people meet the criteria for recognition. The Joseph L. Galletta “Spirit of Recovery” Award is our way of shining a spotlight on those whose tireless work is saving lives.

We have written about past honorees over the years. For instance, in 2018, we recognized Stephen Ey, MD, a physician who has dedicated his entire medical career to helping men and women adopt a program of addiction recovery. If you click here, then you will find a list and write-ups about previous award winners.

It’s worth mentioning that no one gets into the field of addiction because of a desire to receive accolades. Those who get into the field, some in recovery themselves and some not, do so because of an innate sense of compassion for individuals who struggle with alcohol, substance use, and mental health disorders. All of these are treatable conditions, but finding recovery depends on the excellent work of specific individuals, such as Dr. Stephen Ey.

This year, the Joseph L. Galletta “Spirit of Recovery” Award honored Pat Kelly. She has worked in this field for over 30 years and is a Certified Addiction and Drug Counselor. What’s more, she is a Board Registered Interventionist with the Credentialing Board for Interventionists (CIP).

 Helping Others Find Recovery

Pat Kelly, CADC, like those who we honored before, stands out in the field of addiction medicine and is a member of the Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition (ATAC). It’s a role that has her fighting tirelessly for addiction and mental health parity. Her mission is to ensure that insurance providers cover the cost of treatment commensurately with any other life-threatening illness.

In addition to raising four children, Mrs. Kelly is a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists. She mentors men and women in the field of intervention, teaching them effective ways of helping families get their loved ones into treatment.

Throughout her impressive career, Mrs. Kelly (now married 51 years) has worked in psychiatric hospitals and various treatment facilities. A notable contribution to the field was her creation of the intake training protocol for St Joseph’s nurses on their Chemical Dependency Unit. That was 19 years ago, and her protocol is still used today at many treatment centers across the country.

She still works as an interventionist and consults with treatment centers. Pat is proficient in the Johnson, Storti, and the three Invitational Models of intervention: The Arise, Family Systems, and Break Free Invitational Model. Moreover, she was a keynote speaker at the most recent California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). She spoke about the ethical practices of admission and proper client placement.

If you would like to learn more about Pat Kelly’s personal life, then you can find more information here. Again, we would like to commend Pat for all her hard work; she is a model for all who enter the vital field of addiction medicine.

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