Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

You may be thinking that you need to quit drinking but haven’t quite been convinced yet. There are many excellent reasons to quit drinking alcohol, most of which point to benefits for your physical health as well as your mental health.

Recovery from Addiction is for Everyone

September has been designated as National Recovery Month. When you are addicted to alcohol, you can stop drinking safely under professional supervision and take the first step toward recovery. In its 32nd year, National Recovery Month is celebrated each September to focus on the gains made by people in recovery and to promote and support evidence-based treatment and recovery practices. The 2021 theme is “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.”

Don’t Go It Alone

If you have been drinking heavily or for a long period of time, it can be dangerous to stop drinking on your own. Your body can experience serious withdrawal symptoms, including a rapid heart rate, nausea, and seizures. A professional treatment program will offer you medically supervised detox so you can get the help you need to stop drinking safely.

You should strongly consider getting help with quitting drinking if you have tried cutting down on the amount or frequency of your drinking but have been unsuccessful. You may also have symptoms of an alcohol use disorder that can make it critical to seek help and move toward recovery from your addiction. Concerns about alcoholism are important reasons to quit drinking alcohol.

Practical Reasons to Quit Drinking

There are many health issues that are potentially the result of your drinking habit, but beyond those there are also many practical reasons that you should quit drinking. You will find that you can:

  • Improve your relationships
  • Eliminate hangovers
  • Do better at your job
  • Save money
  • Avoid serious financial and legal problems
  • Develop and meet a higher standard for the quality of your life overall.

The Health Risks of Drinking

Your mental and physical health is of the utmost importance and that can be seriously impacted by your drinking habits. There are significant health risks involved in drinking heavily or for extended periods of time. You are at a higher risk of developing conditions such as hepatitis, irregular heartbeat, cancer, cirrhosis, digestive issues, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, stroke, anxiety, and depression.

The good news is that some of the damage you cause your liver, brain, cardiovascular system, and digestive system can heal after you stop drinking and begin treatment for your addiction to alcohol. As the alcohol leaves your system during detox, you will also begin to establish healthier habits so you can feel better.

More Reasons to Quit Drinking

Once you complete the medically supervised detox process and enter recovery, you will notice a number of positive changes in your physical and mental health, including weight loss, better sleep, and less anxiety.

Alcohol is full of empty calories. Even though each drink may not contain a large number of calories, heavy drinking can add those up. When you quit drinking, you will probably notice that you lose weight because you have cut out those empty calories and your body is now able to focus on burning the other calories you consume.

One of the best reasons to quit drinking alcohol is that you should sleep better without substances in your system. Alcohol diminishes the quality of your sleep by reducing the production of melatonin. This is the hormone that tells your body when it needs to sleep and when it needs to wake up. When your hormones and brain chemicals are not functioning correctly, you’ll find that you are waking up in the middle of the night or desperately seeking out a nap during the day. When you stop drinking, you’ll sleep more soundly throughout the night.

You’ll have a healthier immune system and a healthier digestive system. Drinking can cause inflammation of the liver, fatty liver disease, and cirrhosis and liver failure. When you quit drinking, you’ll notice reduced and even reversed inflammation as your immune system strengthens. Your liver will also no longer have to deal with metabolizing the alcohol and can better focus on being your body’s filter for other, natural toxins.

Your anxiety level will be reduced significantly. Alcohol is a depressant that affects your brain and neural networks. When you drink, you probably feel tired, depressed, and anxious when the effects of the alcohol wear off. When you stop drinking, your brain has the chance to restore itself and function normally once again.

California Addiction Treatment Center

You have a lot of reasons to quit drinking. When you are ready to get and stay sober, please contact Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat for help. We are uniquely equipped to help you recover from an addiction to alcohol or drugs. At HVRC, we offer a full continuum of care, from acute medical detoxification to sober living programs. We are licensed as a Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation Hospital (CDRH), enabling us to provide more services than most addiction treatment centers. During COVID-19, we remain open and continue to follow all of the CDC guidelines to keep you safe and healthy.