Recognizing People Who Encourage Recovery


At Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat, we invite our readers to suggest nominees for our Joseph L. Galletta “Spirit of Recovery” Award. In the field of addiction medicine there is no shortage of individuals who’ve made an enormous difference; for example, those whose good works and tireless dedication to treatment and addiction recovery affect significant change in the lives of others. Each year, we select an individual to honor who is committed to the 12 Step philosophy and exhibit leadership in the field of recovery field. We salute exemplary men and women who encourage addiction recovery in others and promote the merits of sobriety.

Dr. Joseph Galletta was the actual embodiment of everything outlined above. Over the course of many decades, he had a hand in bringing the miracles of recovery into the lives of others. The eponymous “Spirit of Recovery” Award goes to people who, like Galletta, advocate for the addict and inspire people to recover from mental illness.

All around the world, countless men and women selflessly give back through helping others break the cycle of addiction. They are those who teach individuals how to work a program of recovery openly and honestly; they show others how to embrace spirituality and open the mind to endless possibilities. Many of the people worthy of recognition are in recovery themselves; they know first-hand the tremendous courage required to rebel against the disease.


Who Was Dr. Galletta?

Joseph Galletta (1935-2004) is the author of the “ABC’s of Addictive Behaviors;” he is also dear to us here at HVRC. In 2000, Galletta became the Medical Director of Hemet Valley Recovery Center. He was a selfless man who stressed the importance of the team, fellowship, and community. An impressive resume preceded his tenure with us.

He was one of the first 160 physicians in the U.S. certified in Addiction Medicine in 1983. He served as Medical Director for Hemet Valley Medical Center’s Outpatient Chemical Dependency Center until 1986. Later, he served (1993-1996) as Medical Director at the Chemical Dependency Unit at Loma Linda’s Behavioral Medical Center. In 1997 Dr. Galletta began serving as the Medical Director of Addiction Medical Specialists.


Spirit of Recovery 2017

The Spirit of Recovery honor went to Reverend Leo Booth in 2017. He is the author of 10 publications, and his writing appears in Counselor Magazine regularly. Rev. Booth is a lecturer, training people in many different areas, including spirituality, depression, addictions, compulsive behaviors, and low self-esteem.

Booth’s published works include: Say Yes to Your Life, Say Yes to Your Spirit, Spirituality and Recovery, The Wisdom of Letting Go, The Angel and the Frog. You can learn some more information, here.

If you believe someone should receive the honor of the Joseph L. Galletta “Spirit of Recovery” Award, you’re welcome to submit your candidate for 2018.