Polysubstance Abuse

polysubstance abuse group therapy

Polysubstance abuse is a complex condition where people simultaneously become addicted to more than one drug. This condition heightens the risk of overdose and complicates the healing process, necessitating specialized treatment approaches in a safe, medically accredited setting.

What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

While we often associate addiction with a single substance, such as alcohol or cocaine, the reality of polysubstance abuse presents a multifaceted challenge. This condition involves the concurrent use of multiple intoxicants, significantly increasing the risk of severe health complications.

Polysubstance abuse can develop in various ways.

  • Prescription drug misuse: People taking prescription medications like benzodiazepines or opioids may inadvertently become dependent, even when using these substances as directed. The risk escalates when people combine their medications with each other or with alcohol, often without a complete understanding of the potential interactions.
  • Seeking enhanced effects: Some people experiment with more than one drug to amplify or modify the effects. For instance, those with a tolerance to opioids may add benzodiazepines to achieve a different or more intense high.

The Heightened Risks of Combining Substances

The dangers of polysubstance abuse are manifold and often underestimated.

  • Unpredictable interactions: Different drugs can interact in unforeseen ways, exacerbating each other’s side effects.
  • Increased overdose risk: Polysubstance abuse often leads to a higher chance of accidental overdose due to the difficulty in gauging the combined impairment from multiple substances.
  • Health complications: This form of abuse can lead to numerous health issues, including nausea, dehydration, cardiovascular problems, loss of coordination, unconsciousness and, in severe cases, coma.

Addressing the Complexities of a Multi-Drug Dependency at HVRC

Treatment for polysubstance abuse requires a tailored approach, considering the unique interactions and effects of the combined substances. At HVRC, our accredited, hospital-based facility is well-equipped to handle the complexities of polysubstance addiction.

  • Comprehensive evaluation: Our team conducts thorough assessments to understand the full scope of the addiction and any co-occurring disorders.
  • Customized treatment plans: We personalize strategies that address the specific combination of substances involved.
  • Integrated therapy: Residential treatment includes medical detox, individual and group therapy, 12-step meetings, fitness and recreation and relapse prevention programming, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery.
  • Long-term support: We emphasize the importance of ongoing care to promote lasting recovery.

Tailored Polysubstance Treatment Plans at HVRC

Polysubstance abuse represents a severe and complex form of addiction, requiring specialized care and support. At Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat, we provide comprehensive treatment in a homelike setting. Our focus on clinical excellence and medical supervision set us apart from other rehabs. Our integration with a working hospital lets us offer an evidence-based, clinically sophisticated continuum of care under one roof. Contact us today for your individualized recovery plan.