Why Should You Go to Treatment at a Hospital Facility?

hospital facility for addiction treatment

As a rule, inpatient treatment is the most involved level of care a person with a chemical dependency can get. A hospital facility can provide immersed 24-hour care under the supervision of experts. Effective treatment is fundamental to positive results for individuals with substance abuse issues.

In a hospital facility, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan. Patients also live at the facility full time, which helps to eliminate obstacles and temptations by engaging them in a substance-free setting. Individuals being treated in a hospital facility go without access to drugs and alcohol. They are also amongst peers in various phases of their own recovery and don’t have to face the stress and anxiety of everyday life. These are just a few reasons why you should pursue treatment at a hospital facility – read on to learn more about what to expect from this level of care.

What to Expect from a Hospital Facility

To give you more information about hospital facilities for drug addiction, let’s go over what to expect upon admission.


When a person misuses drugs and alcohol for extended length of time, toxins build up in the body. These poisons can cause a varying degree of health problems, up to and including death.

Cleansing the body of these toxins is frequently the initial phase in substance abuse treatment. The detoxification process removes the substances a patient is addicted to from their bodies. The hope for detoxification is to bring about a feeling of safety for the patient and make them as comfortable as possible as they physically withdraw from substances. This phase of treatment – for the most part – lasts between 3 to 5 days.

Numerous patients are justifiably wary of the detox cycle. Stress, anxiety, and heightened emotions cause fluctuations in withdrawals that can range from minor to serious. In a medically supervised detoxification program, patients are closely monitored and treated accordingly to obtain emotional and physical well-being. Patients receive around-the-clock care from nursing staff and are placed in a supportive environment. Specialized drug counseling and therapy also assists in treating the emotional upset that may accompany withdrawals.


Rehabilitation comes after detoxification for many patients. Inpatient treatment in a hospital facility is also modulated to offer healing environments for continued assessment, recovery education, and individual and group therapy. Psychiatric or psychological evaluation and medication management may also become an essential part of rehabilitation for patients with a history of psychiatric treatment or mental health disorders. In this environment, we strive to prepare each patient for recovery by helping the patient develop skills, learn to use recovery tools, and understand what resources are available in pursuit of recovery.

When + Why is a Hospital Facility the Best Choice?

If you are reading this, then you or a loved one are at the point where you need help and most likely believe this is the level of treatment needed. There are several other reasons this is the best choice for you.

Treatment at an accredited hospital facility:

Helps You to Avoid Legal Trouble

Going to treatment for substance abuse dependency is a voluntary decision… until it’s not. The more a person misuses substances, the more likely they are to run afoul of the law. It is preferred to attend treatment for substance abuse on your own terms.

Provides Safety and Comfort

In a hospital facility, you’ll be safely and comfortably detoxed from the substances to which you’ve been addicted. A hospital facility with professional support provides medication to ease the pain of withdrawal and an emotional support system that helps you gain your footing while your body purges itself of harmful substances.

Preserves Relationships

Separation and divorce appear to significantly increase when one spouse begins to misuse substances. At the onset of treatment, patients still may not be aware of where their relationships stand with friends and family. There may be some who recognize who they have lost or what relationships hang in the balance as a result of their substance abuse. Tackling relationship repairing head on is the best chance patients have to save them – and that is where recovery can help. Therapy and support groups in a hospital facility give individual treatment to patients as well as family treatment for those influenced by a loved one’s chemical dependency.

Find Recovery in Hemet, California

Recovery doesn’t just give you your life back. Recovery starts you on a whole new journey.  Recovery gives fresh perspective, renewed outlook and the opportunity for fulfillment.

Our outstanding clinical team is standing by to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, no matter what your circumstances are. We can also provide complimentary addiction assessments and a wide array of preventative educational programs for those in need. Contact us today to learn more.