Our society relies on firefighters, law enforcement, military personnel, and other first responders. Unfortunately, these same people are often exposed to work-related trauma and subsequent chemical dependency. At HVRC, we are proud to offer a program tailored to the needs of first responders.

Hemet Valley Recovery Center’s “Heroes Program”

We have a special place in our heart for heroes: those who put themselves in harm’s way to help others. We have created a specialized program for first responders and military personnel. We believe that they deserve the very best treatment available when they are struggling with a substance abuse disorder.

Our society relies on (and owes a huge debt to) law enforcement, firefighters, military personnel, and other first responders. It’s important for these men and women to be clean, sober, and in control. Unfortunately, these are the very people who can be most vulnerable to experiencing traumatic work-related events. As it’s been well established that trauma and stress pave the way for addiction, and this puts our nation’s heroes squarely in addiction’s grasp.

In order to achieve long-term recovery, our Heroes Program focuses on the recognition and understanding of the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of addiction.

Trauma and PTSD

In these high-risk occupations, it’s only natural that there would be an increased instance of alcohol and drug misuse. Police officers, firemen, military personnel, and medical workers are regularly exposed to extremely difficult situations, and the possibility of experiencing a life-threatening injury looms daily.

Chemical dependency issues, medical problems, and mental health concerns like depression and anxiety require continuous attention throughout treatment. For first responders, we also put primary emphasis on resolving and healing traumatic work-related events and experiences.

A traumatic event such as an assault, accident, or combat violence can cause nightmares and intrusive memories. It’s also common for first responders to develop a fear of places and things that act as reminders of the trauma. Over time, the memories, nightmares, and avoidance of these fears may fade and become replaced with anxiety, depression, and emotional numbing. Drug and alcohol abuse, relationship problems, job failures, irritability, and sleep disturbances can become the norm for first responders.

Getting Better and Getting Back on the Job

Our experienced staff at Hemet Valley Recovery Center help heroes learn new healthy coping mechanisms instead of using drugs and alcohol. In a monitored and supportive residential environment, we utilize a variety of therapeutic activities to help these men and women confront their negative life experiences and any resulting depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, stress, or grief.

Every client’s treatment plan is individualized for their unique history and background. Our Heroes Program places a strong emphasis on embracing a holistic approach in achieving a healthy and productive lifestyle.

We also offer multiple levels of care to allow continued involvement by the recovering man or woman as they gradually return to participating in a full slate of daily activities and re-enter the workforce.

Hemet Valley Recovery Center is Recognized By TriCare

Hemet Valley Recovery Center is officially recognized by TriCare as an ‘in network’ provider of addiction treatment. Most types of TriCare insurance, including TriCare Select, offer coverage for drug/alcohol rehabilitation. There are typically small daily co-pays.

Those with TriCare insurance may receive approval for residential treatment if they have a substance abuse disorder diagnosis and are over the age of 18. Partial hospitalization may be approved if the patient has significant impairment that interferes with normal functioning.

Don’t Suffer in Silence Any Longer –
Let Us Help You Recover

Chemical Dependency is a progressive and destructive disease and treatment is available for our nation’s heroes at Hemet Valley Recovery Center. To receive a complimentary assessment and discuss treatment options, please call us today at 866-273-0868.

Hemet Valley Recovery Center remains open and accepting patients, we will continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Click here for more information or call 866-273-0868.