What to Drink Instead of Alcohol

what to drink instead of alcohol
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Your friends want you to go out with them, but you do not drink anymore. You have had a long day of work and would normally reach for what you considered a relaxing drink, but you don’t do that anymore either. Knowing what to drink instead of alcohol can help you maintain your sobriety in a happy and healthy manner.


Herbal tea can help you relax at the end of the day. These teas, which are not technically tea at all, are made from dried fruits, flowers, spices, or herbs. Many herbal teas have health-promoting properties and have been used as natural remedies for a variety of ailments for a long time. Instead of reaching for an alcoholic drink when you are stressed, anxious, or cannot sleep, you might want to drink one of these herbal teas instead.

Chamomile tea is probably best known for its calming effects. It’s also frequently used as an aid for sleeping. Sage tea has some medicinal properties as well, with scientific research supporting many of its health benefits, particularly for brain health. Sage has been shown to be beneficial for cognitive function.

Lemon balm tea has been proven to improve mood and mental performance. It helps to improve antioxidant levels, skin health, and heart health, as well as relieving anxiety. Passionflower tea, made from the leaves, stems, and flowers of the passionflower plant, can also help relieve anxiety and improve sleep.

Another type of tea, matcha tea is a type of green tea, which is made from the plant Camellia sinensis. Matcha tea has a higher amino acid content than regular green tree and has higher amounts of caffeine and antioxidants. Research has shown that matcha tea has been associated with a range of health benefits, including weight loss, improved heart health, and improved liver function.

Mocktails and Virgin Drinks

When you enjoy the taste of certain drinks but don’t want the alcohol, you can enjoy what are known as mocktails or virgin drinks. These have the same ingredients that make many alcoholic drinks taste good but are made without the alcohol.

A Virgin Grapefruit Mojito is made from tasty grapefruit and fresh mint leaves but no alcohol. Another summer treat you can drink instead of alcohol is the Mango Mock-o-lada, made with mango chunks, coconut, and lime juice. You can make it ahead of time, freeze it in ice cube trays, and then re-blend it when you’re ready to drink it.

Infused Water

Water is refreshing and hydrating, perfect for hot summer days and evenings. You can snazz it up a bit with herbs and fruits, to make what is known as infused water. Rosemary Citrus Water combines the tanginess of a lemon, lime, and orange with a few sprigs of rosemary. Blueberry Mango Mint Infused Water is a satisfying combination of blueberries, mint, and mango that will help you recharge after a hard day’s work. If you enjoy green tea, you will probably also like lime + mint + cucumber green tea infusion, made with green tea, a cucumber, limes, fresh mint, and honey.

Other Ways to Relax After a Long Day

When you were drinking alcohol, you may have done so out of a perceived need to de-stress at the end of the day or to enjoy time spent with friends. In addition to the many things you can drink instead of alcohol to reach these same goals, you can also start some new traditions with friends or on your own.

For example, try walking meditation to get some exercise for your body and relaxation for your mind. Meditation can help you reduce your stress and control your anxiety, improving your sense of self-awareness and your emotional health.

Any type of physical exercise can help you mentally as well. Julia Chester, PhD, professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University, says that “Exercise has been shown to actually change the brain structurally.” The more you exercise, the more you’ll see your world, including your desire to drink alcohol, in a different way. Chester adds that, “When your stress goes down, you feel better able to control your environment. That can help you to make better choices.”

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