Chemical Dependency Addiction Treatment Program

Chemical Dependency – The Disease

Chemical Dependency is an all pervasive disease that touches the lives of most Americans. Consider these facts:


There is a significant amount of data that supports a genetic predisposition toward the disease of chemical dependency. Genetically associated diseases ultimately have a bio-chemical basis. Science is now working hard to find biological markers to identify high risk individuals, but no such tests are currently available.


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Chemical Dependency Rehab Programs

Chemical Dependency can be identified and successfully treated. Medical detoxification is not a substitute or replacement for treatment; it is just the beginning of the recovery process. At Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat, chemical dependency treatment and medical detox programs are provided in inpatient, outpatient and long term residential treatment settings. Following detoxification, our California residential treatment program provides the foundation that will support long term recovery. We believe that chemical dependency is a primary problem, not a symptom of another disease and thus primary treatment for addiction is appropriate and important. Closely aligned with the principals of 12 Step Recovery, Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat provide individualized care that includes the psychological, social, spiritual, and physical aspects of the whole person. Care is provided through an interdisciplinary team of addiction specialists with a case manager assigned to each individual patient. The treatment team includes Physicians, Registered Nurses, Certified Counselors, and Adjunctive Therapists. When indicated a Dietitian and Physical Therapist participate in the team process. Chemical dependency treatment and detox patients are included in goal setting and participate in the development of their addiction treatment plans. Treatment includes: group therapy, educational lectures and presentations, cognitive therapy, personalized assignments, 12 Step and Holistic Therapy groups, exercise, recreation groups, and relapse prevention to name a few.

Chemical Dependency is a family disease and treatment is available for family members as an included service. For more information regarding our Family Program, please visit the Family Program page.


Our California chemical dependency treatment, detox and residential treatment program information is available by contacting our Admissions and Assessment Department at: 866-273-0868.

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