Who Needs ASAM Level 4 Detox?

ASAM level 4 detox
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Taking the step to get help for an addiction is critical. The next step in the process will probably be detoxification. When a person has been addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s important to rid the body and the mind of the harmful substance so healing can begin. There are several levels of detox, determined to be necessary based on the individual’s history of substance abuse and other physical and mental factors. The highest level assigned by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) is Level 4. Who needs ASAM Level 4 detox?

The Detox Process

Most drug addiction treatment programs start with detoxification. Also known as detox, this step is designed to clear the body of the drugs and to manage the potentially dangerous effects of stopping the use of substances such as drugs and alcohol.

Withdrawing from the substance, particularly if the individual has been using drugs for an extended period of time or has been using heavy amounts of the harmful substances, can involve unpleasant and even potentially fatal side effects. For the health and safety of the individual throughout the process, it is critically important that detox is supervised by a professional and is managed on an appropriate level.

ASAM Levels of Care

The levels established by ASAM take into account the individual’s needs, liabilities, and obstacles they may face in getting the care they need. It also recognizes their resources, strengths, and available support structure. Determining the appropriate level of care involves an assessment of many areas of the person’s life as well as their level of addiction.

Beginning with Level 0.5, referred to as Early Intervention for Adults and Adolescents, the care levels address the individual’s specific situation. Level 0.5 is recommended for those individuals who are at risk of developing substance-related problems. Their situation may also be such that there is not sufficient information to diagnose a substance use disorder as yet, but the potential is real and must be dealt with proactively.

ASAM Level 4

On the other end of the spectrum is Level 4. Medically managed intensive inpatient withdrawal management is the focus of ASAM Level 4 detox. The substance abuse care in Level 4 is also known as Medically Managed intensive Inpatient Services. Provided to both adolescents and adults, this level of care provides 24-hour nursing care as well as daily physician care. Counseling is usually available 16 hours a day to keep patients engaged in their addiction treatment.

In terms of who needs ASAM Level 4 detox, it is most appropriate for those individuals who are experiencing conditions that are severe enough to warrant intensive inpatient medical care. The goal of Level 4 detox is to manage their withdrawal along with providing the medical and mental health services they may need to alleviate their substance abuse related distress.

Often, someone with acute medical, mental, or emotional issues associated with their addiction will need primary medical and 24-hour nursing care. The focus of the treatment plan is coordination of care that ensure a smooth transition to addiction treatment after detox.

Observation, monitoring, and therapies are critical to the care of the individual in ASAM Level 4 detox. Therapies might include cognitive, motivational, or behavioral sessions on an individual or group basis. In-depth psychological services are provided along with round-the-clock medical care, to ensure the health and well-being of the individual undergoing treatment.

ASAM Level 4 Detox and Addiction Treatment in Hemet, California

Hemet Valley Recovery Center has been recognized by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) as an ASAM Level 4 medical detox provider. We provide each individual who comes to us with the highest level of care, guiding them through the detox process while also addressing any co-existing emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and biomedical conditions.

Drug addiction can have serious negative effects on a person’s mental and physical health. The professionals at Hemet Valley Recovery Center offer our patients the highest degree of medical, psychological, and spiritual expertise to guide them through mental health and addiction treatment and recovery so they can discover their true potential in life.

It is difficult to be in recovery every day, and it can be even more challenging during the pandemic. Should you find yourself struggling at any point, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us at HRVC for more information on our addiction treatment and recovery support programs.