HVRC Offers Hospital-Grade Care

hospital-grade care
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Addiction is a disease that affects people from all walks of life. Every year, hundreds of people die from drug overdoses, accidents and health issues resulting from long-term substance abuse. Sadly, many of these deaths stem from preventable, treatable causes.

If you have a drug or drinking problem, don’t lose hope. It is possible to overcome addiction and turn your life around with a customized plan that meets your specific needs, but choosing the correct treatment option is essential. Here is what you need to know about coming to Hemet Valley Recovery Center’s accredited hospital-grade facility.

What to Expect in Inpatient Addiction Treatment

When you arrive at HVRC, our health care professionals will evaluate your condition to assess the extent of your addiction and diagnose any co-occurring disorders. Next, you will start detoxification to help manage severe withdrawal symptoms like seizures and tremors while your body and mind become free of the influence of intoxicating substances.

After completing our detox program, you can move seamlessly into the next phase of your tailored treatment, which will involve evidence-based therapies to address the causes of your addiction, equip you with healthy coping strategies and give you the tools to stay sober. 

Benefits of Hospital-Grade Care

Addiction can gradually take over your life by eroding your friendships and replacing other hobbies and interests. If you are serious about maintaining sustained sobriety, a medically managed intensive inpatient program in a hospital setting is your best option for learning to live a life in recovery. Here are a few advantages to consider. 

Highly Structured Environment

The stability of our comfortable, homelike environment helps you overcome bad habits by creating a new routine that gives you little time to dwell on drugs or alcohol.

Supervision and Support

HVRC employs a staff of experienced clinical professionals who are knowledgeable about addiction medicine. They will be there to ease any withdrawal symptoms and provide you with counseling to help you learn to reclaim your physical and mental health.

Complete Focus on Your Recovery

If your goal is to make a fresh start, physically separating yourself from the people, places and things that remind you of your addiction can be tremendously beneficial. Taking a break from your usual daily responsibilities will give you the time and space to work through your problems without encountering negative influences, distractions or stressors.

Sober Friendships

One of the most notable benefits of your stay in our hospital-grade treatment program is the new relationships you’ll form during your journey. Since these people have encountered many of the same obstacles you have and share your newfound commitment to sobriety, they will form the foundation of your sober support network.

A New, Joyous Life Awaits You

Hemet Valley Recovery Center is part of the Hemet Valley Medical Center campus in Hemet, CA. We are a 263-bed acute care hospital with a staff of more than 185 physicians who represent most medical disciplines.

Our clients receive high-quality, tailored, evidence-based treatment that takes an integrated approach to healing in a safe, comfortable setting. We’ll provide you with 24/7 access to a hospital-grade continuum of care. HVRC’s programming has put hundreds of people on the path to leading successful, fulfilling lives in recovery. To learn more about our services and verify your insurance coveragecontact us online or call 855-440-0465.