Just about everyone who has witnessed Toronto Mayor Rob Ford‘s behavior over the passed year or so would agree that he should seek help for addiction. Everyone, except for Rob Ford.

This week, the capricious, often volatile Ford, checked himself into rehab, admitting that he has “a problem with alcohol.” This was in a written statement. A step in the right direction for a tortured man – admitting a problem is critical. And difficult. 
However merely hours after releasing this statement, a video surfaces. It captures Mayor Ford on tape holding a crack pipe in his hand. He is reportedly in sister’s basement, a known drug addict. The video was shot by a self proclaimed drug dealer. Soon after an audio clip surfaces. It depicts an obviously drunken Ford at a bar, spouting off about his wife and children – how they don’t like him. He even had an encounter with pop-star Justin Bieber the same evening. Bieber apparently asked Ford if he “had brought any crack to smoke” that night. But that’s for another blog posting.

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The fact that Ford released his statement and sought help only after this evidence came to light points to his continued and unbelievable sense of denial. He still has not admitted a drug problem, but only “a problem with alcohol.” Here’s a man who has very publicly embarrassed himself several times, has been stripped of most of his power and support. And it’s all due to his abuse of substance. Denial is a strong drug itself. 

The question now is, will rehab have a positive effect on Rob Ford? Can he admit to himself that he is powerless and finally seek the help he needs? It is his only shot at true redemption.

If Rob Ford is only using entering rehab as an image-cleanup, he won’t reemerge as a new person. He will not be redeemed by his public and he will not get re-elected. True ownership of his substance abuse problem is his last and only chance… With his career… With his family… With his life. It’s now or never.  

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