Previous Patient’s Letter of Hope

Previous patients of Hemet Valley Recovery Center (HVRC) often leave behind letters to staff discussing their treatment and recovery process.  Their letters have been complied into a notebook, “Letters of Hope”, accessible to current patients and residents.

Here is the first entry, a previous patient’s “Letter of Hope”:

How I was before:

Before I came to HVRC, I was on my last leg. With many tries to stop drinking on my own that I ended up failing. I was a disgrace to my children and family. I was on the very edge of imploding and total humiliation. I stayed secluded from everyone I knew because of this addiction. I hid bottles of alcohol in various and many places. I felt very blessed that after a couple of years of drunkenness on my behalf, my family still loved me and totally support my recovery.

Since in HVRC:

During my stay at HVRC, I have come to realize through excellent counseling and informative group sessions what a really blessed person I am. I am alive, I know that I MUST use the awesome tools that I have been given to finish my recovery and stay sober. I’m thankful to all my peers, my case manager and the staff! They have all be very understanding, kind, and greatly appreciated. I can now be emotionally freed of all my demons and chains. What a calm and complete feeling I have from this experience. Most of all HVRC peers and staff have given me the gift to renew my stagnant relationship with God (my higher power) for which I am extremely excited about,

Hopes and Dreams:

I know when I go home, I will have all the tools necessary to carry on a sober and healthy life with my family, friends and especially myself.

I know my God loves me! I will be back at church with a new light in my heart and soul. My hope is that I will continue on this path and grow stronger each day, one day at a time with God’s will to guide me. I hope to be able to continue to understand my emotions, needs, and feeling and not to act on any of them, take the time to think them out and make the appropriate decision necessary to live a long and healthy life, to see my children, get married to meet and know my grandchildren and great grand children, to continue to love and be loved by my family and children. I have dreamed many nights of acquiring a job that will always keep me busy, pays decently, with the ability to move up in the company. A job where I can serve, help, and give back to those in need. I know this will come to me in time. I prayed on this many times. Let go and Let GOD and BELIEVE!


Hemet Valley Recovery Center remains open and accepting patients, we will continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Click here for more information or call 866-273-0868.