Prayer for Higher Self

Below is a poem that we use regularly in our groups to remind our patients and ourselves what life is really about. We thank Marianne Williamson for the use of her poem!!

Dear God,
In this one moment I recognize that there is within me a perfect Self:
a Self that is not dysfunctional;
a Self that is not weak, but strong;
that is not limited, but unlimited;
that is not small, but huge;
that is not in pain, but at peace;
that is not faithless and scared, but all-knowing,
all loving, serene and calm.
I have been playing with the toys of death and weakness.
I have been playing at sickness and addiction.
I have been playing at dysfunction, limitation, and war.
I have been playing at hunger and violation of myself and others.
I have been playing with toys that are dangerous.
But I desire to play with the games of death no more.
In this moment, I ask You to release me from my destructive thinking.
I take up now the mantle of Your magnificence.
Through Your grace, I am good and innocent, strong and pure,
for this would You have me be.
The love that emanates from Your mind to me,
and from my mind to the minds of others, is a power so great.
Within its embrace, all my negativity shall turn to good,
all pain to peace, all fear to love.
I invoke Your light.
I receive Your heaven, which replaces my hell.
I do not look back.
I do not stop my eyes at the veil of horror that surrounds the world,
but rather I extend my vision to the possibilities for love.
I step out of my childhood into my adulthood;
out of my weakness into my strength,
out of my fear into my love,
out of my small self, into You.
Dear God,
Please make me new.
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