NFL’s Indianapolis Colts’ Owner, Jim Irsay Arrested for DUI, Possession

Sports figures regularly appear in the news for things other than what occurs on the field or in the front office. Sometimes it makes sense – young athletes, barely out of high school, become overnight millionaires. Fame and fortune often conspire against their best interests. It can make for a toxic stew.

Jim Irsay, Owner of the Indianapolis Colts (courtesy of
The latest news story involving a sports figure in trouble isn’t a young athlete, though. Actually, he’s not young or an athlete.  Jim Irsay – the often irascible 54-year-old owner of the Indianapolis Colts — was arrested on DUI and possession charges early Monday morning. According to Forbes, Irsay is worth an estimated $1.6 billion. He has A LOT OF MONEY. (So much money it requires caps lock for emphasis.) He owns a successful sports franchise. He’s a very powerful man in every sense. But, as so many in recovery have discovered before him, Irsay needs to finally admit that even he is powerless to addiction.

Irsay was arrested around 3:00 AM Monday morning in Carmel, Ind., after driving unusually slow and making a turn without signaling. After failing several field sobriety tests, and the subsequent discovery of Schedule IV prescription pills, he now faces felony charges.
A man with $1.6 billion and the most popular sports team in the state doesn’t face the same type of logistical trouble as the average citizen. He can post bail many times over. He can hire a driver.
But he can’t buy his way to saving his life. That’s up to him now. The price can’t be paid in cash.
According to Bob Kravitz, longtime sports journalist with the Indianapolis Star, Colts insiders knew “Irsay was struggling with drugs. For years they fought to get him into rehabilitation.”
Kravitz, who has covered the Colts and Irsay for years, admitted that he and others who have spent regular time around the owner have suspected drug-abuse for a very long time.
Many people struggling with addiction refuse to be helped before hitting rock bottom. Irsay may fit into that category – or perhaps his position in the world makes him difficult to approach, even by loved ones. We don’t know if his friends and family have tried to help. We don’t know if they’ve attempted an intervention. We do know this: Jim Irsay is lucky. His rock bottom involved an arrest – one which he can monetarily afford. What he cannot afford is to ignore the signs to change his life. His rock bottom could have been fatal. It has been for so many others.
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