Letters of Gratitude….

The following is a letter that was sent to one of case managers…

“BB p. 64, How It Works
When the spiritual malady is overcome, we straighten out mentally and physically.

Hi Marc,
NO WAY telling you how to facilitate and counsel.  On the other hand, by being as flexible as you and HVRC were in variating from “straight” alcohol abuse counseling, you saved my life, literally, and most likely, some other poor soul who would have come in contact with me at a “bad time.”

I knew exactly that I am alcoholic and drug dependent when I came to HVRC.  My problem, as you and I know, was my “thinker” was broke and I was not willing, open, or honest enough, without help, to admit it and become a willing participant in my recovery again.

My pride and ego needed to be broke down so I could let out the pain I was trying to lock in and put away in a “brain compartment.”

God stepped in with a chain of events that had been ongoing for months, that led me to HVRC and gave you to me as my counselor.  He gave you, in my small estimation, to me with your conviction to your chosen profession and your courage to confront me on my issues.

Please accept this as  “pat on the back” and again, thank you.

Your friend in recovery,

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