It Works If You Work It!

The below letter was sent to one of our counselors regarding his new found sobriety. It is wonderful to hear from our previous patients!!

How are things going?? Nothing new to report on aa as we are just too isolated. I am continuing to work on things successfully as was proven to me last night. We have a crew on site doing performance testing and they may have damaged 5mill in equipment, I am performing inspections this morning. What I am most happy about is I lost it during the event fell hard into “old habits and actions”. As i noticed myself getting madder and madder I just gave direction into what I wonted done at that point, went back to my office listened to some music and thought what a negative effect on life would result from doing what I felt like, drinking…. All the problems would still be their in the morning and I would have let this place allow me to fail in my life yet again. I will not allow this, I cant believe it really works if you let it. I would have never thought yesterday would have happened without drinking to make it better. I really do realize and know it is possible to face adversity with out Jack Daniels and I can think so much clearer today as a result.That was major for me… read another chapter, let it go, and move on… A really bad made better by thinking, instead of drinking… who would have thought… a year ago, 6 months ago, not me. Today I am a beleaver. I’ll talk to you soon, I’m flying in on the 15th delayed a week.


Hemet Valley Recovery Center remains open and accepting patients, we will continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Click here for more information or call 866-273-0868.