“If You Believe It, It Seems True”

Thought for the day…

How often have we said, “That’s just the way I am,” or “That’s just the way it is”? Those specific words are really saying that that’s what we believe to be true. Usually, what we believe is only someone else’s opinion that we have incorporated into our belief systems. And, no doubt it fits right in with all the other things we believe.

Do you sometimes get up in the morning, see that it is raining, and say, “Oh, what a lousy day!”? It is not a lousy day. It is only a wet day. If we wear the appropriate clothing, and change our attitude, we can appreciate the value of a rainy day! If it is our belief that rainy days are lousy days, then we will always greet rain with a sinking heart. We will fight the day rather than find its beauty and possibilities.

Each Moment is a New Beginning

The point of power is always in the present moment. You are never stuck. This is where the changes take place, right here, right now in our own minds! It doesn’t matter how long a certain condition or attitude has plagued us, we can make an immediate mental shift when we want to. Remember: You are the only one who thinks in your mind!! No one else has that personal authority. Changing negative or skeptical thoughts to positive thoughts about a certain thing, allows that thing to manifest. When we say, “Oh, what a hectic day, I will never get all this done!”, or “How can I, just one person, make a difference in any patient’s life or opinion of the hospital where I work?” we make a choice about how our day, and how our future will progress. We drain our precious energy reserves! Many people have this habitual thought process, which is like eating food that always makes you sick! Cleaning the “mental house” is a bit like going on a good nutritional program after a lifetime of eating junk foods.

If we are committed to happier relationships with our co-workers, and between departments, to better customer service and patient satisfaction, to our children and families, it all starts with our desire to change. If you want to move to another room, you have to get up and move step by step in that direction. Sitting in your chair and wanting to be in the other room will not work. We have to begin to do the small things that will collectively lead to the solution. What are the “small things” we can do to make our patients feel safer, more cared for, and respected? The “added value” to this is that in doing so, WE feel safer, more cared for, and respected. The “energy” we feel within ourselves is felt by everyone in the environment – it is either “nourishing” or “depleting.”

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