(“It’s Never Too Late to Grow a New Life” Among Saturday’s Agenda at the 5th Annual West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders)


Saturday, May 31st, 2014 (LA QUINTA, CA) – Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat is sponsoring “It’s Never Too Late to Grow a New Life,” a workshop conducted by Gordon Scheible, MDiv, CADC-II, ICADC & Sylvia Dobrow, BS, MPH, ABD. The Introductory/Intermediate workshop will offer a hands on approach for treatment solutions for specifically older adults. The workshop will be interactive throughout and will be followed with an audience question and answer session.

The good news is that Older Adults can learn how to effectively break free from the past, grow more self-confident and claim a new life in recovery. There are ways to help Older Adults discover healing and renewal after addiction treatment that lead to the restoration of hope for a positive future. This workshop will explore some of the issues that led the Older Adult into addiction and present strategies to assist them in making positive life changes.

The workshop will be held as part of the 2014 West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders, in La Quinta, CA, May 31st – June 1st at the La Quinta Resort and Club.

Theworkshop takes place on Saturday, May 31st, 10:30 a.m. at the LaQuinta Resort and Club To register for the event visit the conference web site

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Innovations in Recovery Conference
La Quinta Resort and Club, La Quinta, CA | May 31, 2014 – June 1st, 2014

C4 Recovery Solutions (C4) is honored to present the 5th Annual West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders (WCSAD). C4 is a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to promoting the design, provision, and monitoring of outcomes-based addiction services and providing platforms to integrate varied academic disciplines and professional activities within the fields of addiction and behavioral health. C4 is run by a volunteer board, three staff persons, several invaluable consultants and the graciousness of many volunteers and friends. This two-and-a-half-day event is dedicated to continuing education and networking in the field of addictions, draws hundreds of regional, national, and international participants, lecturers and faculty. WCSAD combines workshops and seminars on timely industry topics with an unmatched showcase of the industry’s products and services. 
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