Guilt, You’re FIRED!

A family member of one of our previous patients wrote this assignment during a Family Week.  I was moved by it and feel that is appropriate for everyone, in recovery, related to someone in recovery or a “normie.” 


A Clean House
Guilt, could you please come into my office?  Thank you.
Come on in.  Sit down.  Can I get you something? 
What I have to say is not going to be easy for either of us.
You have been a big part of Gerry, Inc. a long time.  During that time I have seen Gerry Inc. worry more, spend less time or no time with family, friends, wife and son.  Gerry, Inc. also notices that he doesn’t spend time doing the things he used to love doing:  things like hunting, fishing, camping, and golfing.  You see Guilt, these things started to happen around the time you started working at Gerry, Inc.
I have thought about what you have done for Gerry, Inc. and decided to seek help on how to answer this question, and how I could solve my problem with you.  Everyone who I talked to said that Gerry, Inc. was better off before he brought you on board. This is a hard decision to make but one that has to be made.
Guilt, you are no longer needed at Gerry, Inc. 
I am sorry things didn’t work out for you here at Gerry, Inc.  I am sure you won’t have any problems finding somewhere else to work. 
Oh, by the way, I will be glad to give you a reference.
Before you leave, Guilt, would you please send in Blame.  I would like to talk to him.  Thanks!
Come on in Blame.  I have been waiting for you.  Can I get you something?
The reason why I wanted to talk to you is that I am in the process of doing some personal housekeeping at Gerry, Inc.  What I am finding is that you, Blame, are showing up everywhere.  Let me give you some examples of what I am finding.  I Blame my daughter for my unhappiness.  I Blame my wife for my daughter’s problems.  I Blame my son for not being a better brother for his sister.  I Blame myself for my daughter’s problems.  I Blame some of my daughter’s associates for her problems. 
As you can see Blame, I Blame just about everything and everyone for my daughter’s problems.  What I am seeing here, Blame, is that going around Blaming everyone and everything is not doing Gerry, Inc. any good at all.  Ever since you came on board with Gerry, Inc. things have been going down hill.  Today is the day this stops. 
Blame, I am going to have to let you go.  You are no longer needed at Gerry, Inc.  Good luck to you. 
I will be glad to give you a reference…
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