God help the Drunk

God help the Drunk
God reconcile and save,
because I already have one foot in the grave,
lying in a coma in a gutter of rain,
God can’t you feel my pain,
Help me through this time of grief,
make it as beautiful as the shores of the Newport Reefs,
This is the last straw, I can’t go on fighting,
Knowing that everyday I am dying,
Take the bottle out of my and,
Instead fill it up with sand,
Surfing is my passion and I can not lie,
But I can’t surf anymore if I die,
So God, I ask you five me one more chance,
At a life worth living full of romance,
let me find love and peace of mind,
for that is something I’ve never been able to find,
God give me the wisdom to know the difference,
because my mind is clouded with nothing but indifference,
Show me another way, show me another way,
Let me go back sober to the Newport Bay,
With a surfboard under my arm ready to ride.
This ride of life, this ride of tides
Don’t give up on me, I haven’t given up on you,
Even though you make me feel very blue,
Thanks for your help, and thanks for listening,
For I will probably be drunk in the gutter whistling…
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