Congratulations again to our 2011 Spirit of Recovery award winner Jerry McDonald. The award announcement was recently published in NAATP’s Visions March/April 2012 edition.

The article read:

Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat awarded Jeryy McDonald, ACATA, with the 2011 Dr. Joseph L. Galletta Spirit of Recovery Award. The 2nd annual award was presented at the treatment center’s annual holiday luncheon on December 8th, 2011.

Jerry recently retired after 18 years of service at The Betty Ford Center with over 32 years in the addiction field. He also was over 34 years of sobriety.

“On February 13th, 1977, my illness was flat lined by AA and I haven’t had a drink since four o’clock that afternoon,” explains McDonald. “This award presentation is remarkable because I am someone who should be thanking and honoring AA.”

If you know of anyone deserving for this years nominations, please let us know.

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