A Family Member’s Testimony

I am a staff member at Hemet Valley Recovery Center since early 2008.  Before HVRC, I had very limited knowledge about addiction.  In my interview with the Director of Clinical Services, I identified my cousin as my only connection to the disease.  When I got the job at Hemet Valley Recovery Center I felt it was destiny and I was going to save my cousin’s life! 

After working at HVRC for a while I began to see the disease more clearly.  I began to understand that it wasn’t a matter of me being able to convince him to come to treatment – it was a matter of him being ready!  It was hard to sit in Treatment Planning meetings and hear about how other patients have struggled with their addiction and had to hit rock bottom before they were able to come into treatment.  I was very scared for my cousin because I was unsure how bad his rock bottom was going to be.  I knew that I just had to sit back and wait.  Family functions were difficult because I could see that he was under the influence and not the person that I had grown up with and loved.  Until one particular family function…

Thanksgiving 2009, my cousin passed out letters to every family member stating that this past time was going to be his last relapse – he had tried to detox by himself several times.  He had realized that he had never asked for help.  He was never ready enough to come to his family and admit what he was doing although everyone already knew.  When he finally came to us and admitted that he needed help and was appreciative for the support is when I knew that this was my opportunity.

I talked to him about treatment and together with the rest of our family got him admitted to HVRC.  Today is his 68th day clean and sober. I have my cousin back and could not be any prouder of his success.  In his coining ceremony, every one of his peers told him how blessed he was to have his parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle there to support him and how they were envious. 

So to all those family members that have lost hope and are worried that the end is nowhere in sight, stay hopeful and supportive as much as you can!!  No one can love you like your family can!!  Don’t give up on them no matter how many times they have given up on themselves AND that person that you know and love is still in there dying to come out!

I am grateful to HVRC for not only changing my life but my entire family’s life!

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